Cyborsonar Security Platform

The most complete security solution

POS Security


The CyborSonar Security Platform is a proven, ease-to-use security and compliance solution that will grow with you, multiply the effectiveness of existing compliance and security tools, and minimize your organization’s attack surface.

Key points :

Stop the most attacks
  • Stop all file-based and next-gen attacks (PowerShell, script-based, and obfuscated malware)
  • Full spectrum analysis: behavioral, reputation, AI, and ML Blocks unauthorized access of users and removable devices
  • Lock down endpoint and systems, including servers,unsupported systems, and fixed-function devices
  • Protect laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, public and private cloud infrastructures, and virtual data centers.
Close security gaps
  • Continuous and centralized recording for zero-gap end point visibility
  • Utilize collaborative threat intelligence to automatically stopattacks others have seen
  • Remove unwanted items
  • Meet and continuously satisfy mandates for PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, NERC CIP, NIST 800-53, and other regulatory frameworks
Deploy at any scale, cloud and on-premises
  • Deploy in 25 minutes
  • No impact to end users or endpoint performance
  • 1% CPU, 90% less data load compared to traditional AV
  • Deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or via MSSP

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